Creating Amazing Landing Page That Convert (+ Mini-Workshop)

Location: In New Berlin
Date: March 14th 2013 11:50AM-1PM

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Creating Amazing Landing Page That Convert (+ Mini-Workshop)

What if you could significantly increase the number of leads your website was producing without driving any additional traffic. This is possible with smart conversion rate optimization including landing page optimization. 

Join us as Nick Salvatoriello of the Hubspot Academy team joins us to talk about the key elements your landing pages should have in order to maximize conversions and boost your leads. Nick will be reviewing all of these techniques and then showing us real world examples from Hubspot and others that are proven to drive amazing results. 

In addition to Nick's presentation, we will be having a 30 minute mini-workshop where attendees will be able to have their own landing pages reviewed and given suggestions for optimization by Nick and other experts in the group. If you're interested in having one of your landing pages reviewed and worked on, you must email the URL to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  • 11:30AM-12PM = free panera lunch provided by Master Inbound, Inbound Marketing online training course.
  • 12PM-12:45PM = Landing Page Presentation by Nick
  • 12:45PM-1:15PM = Mini-Workshop
  • 1:15PM-1:30PM = Networking

If you're a small business owner or marketer, you can't afford to miss this talk! 
We only have 35 spots total - save your spot now!

Nick Salvatoriello - Hubspot

As a Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot, Nick advises business owners and marketing managers on how to utilize HubSpot's comprehensive suite of online marketing tools to become "Inbound Marketing Rockstars!"

Nick speaks regularly on internet trends for business, and is always open to conversation and collaboration on web marketing topics.


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